Why Us?

With a variety of companies claiming “expertise” in behavioral research, predictive modeling, survey development, statistical methodology, and other behavioral services, it can be difficult to sort out the legitimate methods from the pseudoscience. When evaluating companies for your behavioral intelligence needs, there are several questions you should consider asking. Does the company have doctoral-level experts in the behavioral sciences? Do they have specific expertise in the area of statistics? Have officers of the company published in peer-reviewed journals? Often, self-proclaimed experts at many companies are offering insights based on subjective impressions. Many companies fail to provide studies to support their methods and do not have staff with the statistical proficiency to validate their methods in independent samples. In contrast, approaches used by the Behavioral Research Group are grounded in statistical findings and updated as data are available. Furthermore, we value our clients’ privacy and desire for convenience and provide confidential behavioral insight to individuals on the go. Client convenience, privacy, and satisfaction are our top priorities at the Behavioral Research Group, and our collection of services provide behavioral intelligence only available at BehaviorInsight.com.

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