Applied Analytics

Advanced technological platforms and web-based tools have allowed us to collect more data than ever before, but the challenge of understanding and making practical use of it remains. With abundant data available, applying proper methodology has become even more critical to avoid getting lost in the details, a statistical “paralysis by analysis.” If you have more quantitative information than you can manage and need to extract the practical intelligence necessary to guide your next steps, our Applied Analytics can help.

Possible Applied Analytics projects include:

  • Benchmark/Index Creation
  • Lead Scoring
  • Program Evaluations
  • Market Segmentation
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Factor Analysis
  • Data Mining
  • User Experience Testing
    Risk Assessment
  • Data Coding
    Content Analysis
  • Empirical Literature Reviews

Our role is to help you understand your data and communicate findings in a meaningful way, without the jargon. If you have the data and the questions you need answered, we’ll delve into the data and select the most appropriate analytic approach for obtaining what you need. You will be provided with the summary findings in an easy to understand, brief report.


How It Works:

Email  your request to and attach any files relevant to your desired analysis. After receiving your request we will respond within 48 hours with a time and cost estimate for the analysis.

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