What We Do

Gaining insight into human behavior is the ultimate edge that can help you succeed. Whether you require additional information about an individual, group, product or market, the collection, analysis, and interpretation of data is necessary to make the right decisions. The services provided by the Behavioral Research Group are designed to give you that edge in your personal and professional life. All services are provided conveniently and confidentially online.
Survey and Assessment Design: Are you looking to develop a survey for your organization to better understand patients, customers, prospects, or employees? Perhaps you’re an individual interested in developing a questionnaire for a personal project or goal? Do you need to collect responses for your survey from a national or regional sample of individuals but do not know where to find participants? Our Survey Development service may be just what you’re looking for to design a survey that meets your needs and gathers the individual data necessary.
Applied Analytics: Are you part of an organization looking to better understand what the data you collect has to offer? Are you looking to develop benchmarks or national reports based upon the data you collect from customers or visitors to your website or place of business? The effective analysis of data can reduce employee attrition, increase profitability, enhance sales, and more.
Profiling Service: Are you interested in better understanding your customers, prospective business partners, romantic interests, competitors, or other significant people in your personal or professional life? Our unique Profiling Service applies our proprietary behavioral algorithm to generate a report of the probable attitudes, qualities, and interests for a person or group based on video, text documents, e-mails, audio, and social networking content you provide.
National Research: Are you interested in participating in research to further knowledge on human behavior or for the chance to win prizes? Participate in our studies for the opportunity to enter sweepstakes with no purchase necessary to enter or win. We also provide consulting or complete management of studies from survey design to data collection and analysis. Contact us at info@behaviorinsight.com for more information and pricing.

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